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Color Me Badd – Choose

Posted in Color Me Badd with tags on January 28, 2011 by kJouL

You know I’m not much on words
But I’ve got to tell you how I feel
Open your eyes, don’t try to hide my love
So hard to say but I think it’s best
Gotta give your heart its time to heal
When you’re ready, I’ll be there
Sometimes I try and
Sometimes I cry
Only love will make me do what I don’t wanna do
Anything you want me to
I will live or die–you choose
I’m serious when I tell you, Love
That little heartbreak
Is ten to a dime
Don’t be afraid
Just turn the page my love
I’m curious when the day will come
I see my reflection in your eyes
Take your time and I’ll be there
(Chorus x 2)
Only love, only love
Only love, only love
Looking through my eyes at the world
Can’t you see
Every time i see your face
There’s a choice to be made
Walking hand in hand
Through the sands of time
As I peer into the past
Foreign steps are terrorizing
Watching what is now
There’s a fork in the path
Of the future of your life
Which road shall you choose
Choices to be made
Past and present
It’s not easy
But my love will let me die
Until your heart resurrects me
(Chorus x 2)
Sometimes I try
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I–Oh ah oh ah ohhhh ahh, Baby
I would even die for you
I would even die for you
I would even die for you
I will live or die–you choose….