My fav type of music

definitely the 90’s and early 2000 music..

when the female singers don’t have to look/act/behave like bitches and the male singers don’t have to look/act/behave like pimps in their videos/concerts to make their album sold million copies all over the world

when the voice of the singer is good enough to be heard on acoustic or acapella version, not doing lip sync in their live shows

when the singer’s voice is the main reason why we’d like to hear the song, not the background music. Better tell those rappers to shut their mouth, i’d rather hear the music/instrument only, without their dizzy – making – voice..

but it doesn’t mean that i hate these-days-music.. i love to hear some of them.. =)

PS: for you who want to get MP3 of the song(s) i’ve posted here in this blog, send me message via email to, i’ll send the song(s) you request for. OK?


2 Responses to “My fav type of music”

  1. Hai, I really love your blog, and I borrow one of your pic can I? I think we have the same taste of music & hobbies…I like to hafal lyrics for the song I like. There are still many people in this world who love to do what we like to do…

    • thank u for ur comment, ur words made me smile 🙂
      sorry for the late in replying, i seldomly check the comments in my blog T_T
      thank u once again, dear

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