45 Things About Me


1.    Color: red, black, blue
2.    Suit: shirt + jeans + sneakers
3.    Food: capcay babi ( + bakso, kwetiau, ayam bakar, mie ayam, and their friends hahaha)
4.    Drink: cappucino
4.    Ice cream: all variants that contain chocolate
5.    Cake: strawberry cheesecake
6.    Music: lots! Specially those from the 90’s era, but it doesn’t mean i don’t like today’s music
7.    Band: Mr. Big
8.    Movie: all those superheroes movies
9.    Manga: Samurai X and Lady Oscar
10.    Book: Life Without Limits ~ Nick Vujicic
11.    Place: my room
12.    Actor: Johnny Depp
13.    Actress: Scarlett Johansson
14.    Activities: singing, reading, drawing
15.    School era: college



1.    Cockroach
2.    To be late
3.    Cold weather
4.    Cigarette’s smoke
5.    Being in a too crowded place
6.    Being a center of the attention
7.    Being pushed/forced to do something i don’t want to do
8.    Long journey
9.    Garlic
10.  Cheating on a love relationship
11.   Math
12.   Having long nails
13.   Impolite children
14.   Possessive guy
15.   Cold blooded “inang-inang” gossipers


I prefer … rather than …

1.    sunset, sunrise
2.    beach, mountain
3.    hot weather, cold weather
4.    ring, necklace
5.    motorcycle, car
6.    soccer, basketball
7.    Twitter, Facebook
8.    to talk on the phone, to be text-ed
9.    black, white
10.  lasagna, pizza
11.  old, young
12.  Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson
13.  ex bad boy, good boy
14   misty rain, heavy rain
15.  night, morning


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