Duran Duran ~ Come Undone












Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin

I’ve been waiting for you

Signed, with a home tattoo,

Happy birthday to you was created for you


** (can’t ever keep from falling apart at the seams

Cannot believe you’re taking my heart to pieces)


Oh, it’ll take a little time,

Might take a little crime

To come undone now



We’ll try to stay blind

To the hope and fear outside

Hey child, stay wilder than the wind

And blow me in to cry



Who do you need, who do you love

When you come undone



(Verse 2)

Words, playing me deja vu

Like a radio tune I swear I’ve heard before

Chill, is it something real

Or the magic I’m feeding off your fingers


 Back to **


Lost, in a snow filled sky, we’ll make it all right

To come undone now




One Response to “Duran Duran ~ Come Undone”

  1. Alexandre Machado Says:

    Wow! I like that!!!

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