Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since i made this blog on June 2008. Would like to say big thank you to u all who have dropped by and put some comments here, nice to know ya all šŸ™‚

So sorry that it’s been months since I regularly put some new posts here..di kantor yang sekarang gak bisa buka wordpress, the IT men blocked this web so i can not access my blogs daily at the office like i usually did at my previous office, hehe..

I will try to open my blog at least once a week and put some other of my favorite songs here..

Never stop loving music, songs, melody, n lyrics!!




5 Responses to “Apologize”

  1. Finally you stopped blogging?

  2. Alexandre Machado Says:

    Kartika, I saw some musics that you posted and I liked many of them.
    I’m from Brazil, but I have too many virtual facebook friends in Indonesia, and they “introduced” me to some indonesian singers, like Kotak, Dewi Sandra, Reza Artamevia, Audy, dll… and I found some good lyrics here in your blog (I’m going to follow it!)
    Please, keep on posting your favorite songs’ lyrics. I think you have a very good taste for music!
    Salam dari Brasil! šŸ™‚
    If you want, you can add me in Facebook -> http://www.facebook.com/alexandresousamachado

    • Ola, bom dia.. Now we meet again on my blog šŸ™‚ How can I call you anyway? Alex, maybe? Thank you for adding me on FB, though i seldomly open my FB account, am so glad to have a new friend like you! Got any twitter account? If yes, here’s mine: Kajoul. I’ve been taking a long break from my blog but now i will continue to post my fav songs here.



      • Alexandre Machado Says:

        Kartika, you can call me Alex. Makasih juga!
        I have a twitter account: alesoumac
        And I’m following you now… šŸ™‚

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