Firehouse – When I Look Into Your Eyes

I see forever when I look in your eyes

You’re all I’ve ever wanted

I always want you to be mine

Let’s make a promise to the end of time

We’ll always be together

And our love will never die

So here we are face to face and heart to heart

I want you to know we will never be apart

Now I believe that wishes can come true

‘Cause when I see my whole world

I see only you

(Chorus) When I look into your eyes

I can see how much I love you

And it makes me realize

When I look into your eyes

I see all my dreams come true

When I look into your eyes

I’ve looked for you all of my life

Now that I’ve found you

We will never say good-bye

Can’t stop this feelin’

And there’s nothing I can do

‘Cause I see everything

When I look at you


Click below if you wanna see the video on youtube:

Firehouse * When I look into your eyes * Music Video


10 Responses to “Firehouse – When I Look Into Your Eyes”

  1. LagUx fiRehoUse ni ngiN6etin gw bNgt sm sEoRang cw..criTax hAmpiR sAma,saMa lyRic laGux fiRehoUse…

  2. ju2r dari dulu aq suka bgt ma lagu ne , tapi kagak tau sp penyanyi nya hehehehe … pas aq dngar d salah satu radio kesayangan ku yg ada d kota ku baru deh aq tau ternyata penyanyi nya tuh firehouse y … oh y firehouse itu artinya rumah terbakar kan ? btul kagak y ? hehehehe … kalau salah maaf y sebelum nya …..
    domo arigato gozaimasu ….

  3. deny ardiansyah Says:

    lagunya keren abiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. deny ardiansyah Says:

    yang dengar pasti ketaguhan

  5. kren bgd cuy…

    kuh sneng bgd ma lgu nie,,,

  6. When I Look Into Your Eyes

    Jos gandos ni lagu…he…he…he…

  7. Mantap cuy. . .
    Kapan neh indonesia ada band yg lirik lagunya fantastik kayak firehouse?

  8. ahmad chumaedi Says:

    firehouse adalah grup band terbaik yang pernah ada

  9. 🙂 like this

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