Vince Gill – I still believe in you

Everybody wants a little piece of my time

And still I put you at the end of the line

How it breaks my heart to cause you this pain

To see the tears you cry fallin like rain

Give me the chance to prove

And I’ll make it up to you.

I still believe in you

With a love that will always be

Standin’ so strong and true

Baby, I still believe in you and me.

Somewhere along the way I guess I just lost track

Only thinking of myself never looking back

For all the times I’ve hurt you, I apologize

I’m sorry it took so long to finally realize

Give me the chance to prove

That nothing’s worth losing you.

I still believe in you

With a love that will always be

Standin’ so strong and true

Baby, I still believe in you and me.

Baby, I still believe in you

With a love that will always be

Standin’ so strong and true

Baby, I still believe in you and me…

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17 Responses to “Vince Gill – I still believe in you”

  1. fren…. thanks banget ya..dah ngumpulin teks lagu ini…
    soale ni lagu jadi kenangan banget wat gw, sewaktu gw mu lulus SMA.
    Tua banget ya gw, heheeh….

    tx alot

  2. herohanura Says:

    I give you two big thumbs for your bright idea – moving your songbook to a blog. I regret not to do that for the rest of my life, because I lost my songbook long before I know I can save them in a blog. I have three books of about 3.500 songs (various artists all over the world) and I typed them myself around 1988 to 1998. One of them – I remember – left in a music studio in Cempaka Mas. Gladly to tell, I memorize and sing more than a thousand of those songs.
    We seem have the same opinion about musics, lyrics, nowadays singers, and many more. I also judge a song by the singer’s voice and the beautiful music arrangement. Moreover, the touch to my soul.
    I also write my own songs and record them in my private studio at the back of my home. Wanna hear some?
    Nowadays, I only seek for the lyrics that I don’t memorize (or forget some lines for I’m getting older now) in the internet when I have to perform on stage. So dear Tika … good luck and thanks for making this blog.

  3. hi there, thank u for ur comments. They made me smile =)..

  4. Hero Hanura Says:

    I really want to have you as friend. We can share our commons in music and lyrics. Maybe even in blogging, for you know I am very new to this world wide web, and I’m pretty sure you are a creative and smart person. Please don’t be afraid to mail me. I won’t bite you. You are almost as old as my daughter. I’ll be waiting patiently.

  5. hi hero hanura, how can i help you then?
    mo dibantuin apa nih,,,
    punya blog gak? nti biar tika berkunjung ke situ.

  6. Hero Hanura Says:

    Ada sih …
    Makasih Tika. Kita berteman ya? Sharing Creativity!

  7. Duh lagu ini, wkt lulus SMA ampe lulus kuliah neh lgu ga pernah ada matinya di kumputerku, pas beres kost untuk pindah aq kehilangan CD lagunya, tapi akhirnya aq temukan lagu ini dari guru SMA Q.

  8. vince….love u………

    Indonesia love you…

  9. gw suka bgt sm lagu2 VINCE..,mp3 nya dong biar bs downlod..,tks

  10. akhirnya dapet juga ;agu ini…meskipun bukan era qu tapi aq suka banget lagu ini…thx ya

  11. saya suka dengan lagu Vince gill ,,,,karena lagunya sangat asik di dengar ,,,,,,,,

  12. Greetings, You write some advantageous blogs. I examine again here often to review when you’ve got kept as substantially as date. I notion it truly is practical to wish to know, as soon as I click your RSS feed it re-directs me to another web-site.

  13. aku suka banget ni lagu ini nostalgia banget ama someone ku

  14. jai dominggo Says:

    Aq sk banget lg2nya vince gill,apalg lg yg judulx i still believe in you…lg iini membt aq sll bergairah di dlm sgl hal dlm mengarungi kehidupan ini…to be number one for vince gill…

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